The Long, Long Trail’s Great War videos

Chris Baker’s talks on researching soldiers

“Tracing your military ancestors”. This is a talk I gave at a Family History Show hosted by The Genealogist. You can watch my intro free of charge but there is a modest fee for seeing the talk.

Tracing your military ancestors

“Family History Tips from Military Records” is another from the series of Family History Show. Again, free intro and a small fee to watch the whole talk.

Family History Tips from Military Records

And a free podcast from the excellent “Amateur Family History Podcast” series produced by Andy Holmes.


A nicely produced film from the Leamington History Group in which I act as military historian:

Life after Victoria

Long, Long Trail research tutorials

How to trace a prisoner of war in the Red Cross records:

Tracing a soldier in the records of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Other Great War videos

The 1916 Battle of the Somme film.
First of five parts, hosted by the Imperial War Museum website
Watch video (opens new window)

1976 BBC documentary presented by Leo McKern.
Rather dated in its “Lions led by donkeys” narrative but still a nicely crafted documentary with excellent battlefield scenes as they were in the 1970s: